Pete Mitchell

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Chip Kessler,  Co-Author with Dan Kennedy, Making Them Believe Home Study Course

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Cappi Pidwell, expert in Human Behavior, NLP, and Hypnotherapy

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Dr. Lee Pierce, Pierce Family Chiropractic
Darius Velease, Victory Chiropractic
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About Pete Mitchell

In addition to being quite the handsome devil, Pete Mitchell is a leading authority in Internet marketing for brick and mortar businesses (for everyone born after 2000, brick and mortar refers to the big buildings you use to meet up with friends at that have “stuff” inside that you get your parents to buy for you). 

He has appeared on hundreds of radio and TV shows including CNN and KABC (by the same token, he despises Internet radio and has turned down every “opportunity” to appear on these shows).

He is a sought after speaker at conferences, company strategy sessions and community business meetings though he would much rather hang out at the hotel bar and discuss the virtues of the original Star Wars trilogy over an ever full pint of Guinness.

Currently, has authored 5 books that no one has ever read (though thousands have been purchased) and has read and researched over 1,000 books on personal and professional development (well, he might have skimmed one or two).

Pete became the well known and sought after marketing consultant due to the marketing results he produced for his financial planning company, Pete Mitchell, Inc. 

As a financial planner, he wrote the National Best Seller The New Mortgage Investment Advisor (thousands read and implemented the strategy discussed and those that didn’t implement the strategy are no longer able due to the current change in the economic conditions – a case of waiting-proved-to-be-the-wrong-choice-just-like-Pete-said-it-would-be).

In 2004, Pete co-authored the largest bi-partisan book to date, Modern Day Heroes: In Defense of America, with contributions to the book from Republican and Democrat Senators, Congressmen and Governors. 

After completing this project Pete became fed up with politicians and decided to crawl into a cave stocked only with the 3 G’s – Guns, Gold and Guinness.

Pete has been tapped to rescue both large and small companies from their marketing failures. In 2009, Pete was asked to step in and fix the marketing problems of a very successful law firm (yes, even successful companies can be improved). Their $4,000,000 advertising budget was turned over to him to enhance. So impressed was the Senior Managing Director, a Mr. Farris, with the work that Pete did, that when Mr. Farris left the employment of the law firm, he contracted with Pete to head the marketing efforts of his new company.

Pete now uses his marketing knowledge to produce product launches on the Internet for Speakers, Authors and Coaches. As a Master Product Launch Creator, he has been responsible for some of the biggest product launches on the Internet. 

To his credit, a few of the product launches he has created were for Master Sales Trainer Eric Lofholm, America’s Leading Authenticity Coach Norma T. Hollis and even the Making Them Believe Home Study Course for the legendary Dan Kennedy and Chip Kessler (yes, this was THE Dan Kennedy, not some other guy named Dan Kennedy).

Now, let’s all raise our glasses of Guinness and enjoy the show!

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