I Move At The Speed Of Instruction, How About You?

Back in 2004 I worked for Eric Lofholm, a Master Sales Trainer, as one of the guys that would go out and do dog and pony shows for sales offices as a way to sell tickets to Eric’s upcoming events. A model that still works extremely well today.

Eric made a comment to me one day that I took to heart.  He said, “If you really want to get to where you say you want to get, you have to move at the speed of instruction.”

Over the years, I have made an effort to move swiftly and decisively when a good idea presents itself.

One of the best things I’ve every done in my life was to be a part of a Mastermind group.  Being surrounded by like minded people is awesome! The ideas that are shared, the strategies given, the growth obtained… nothing short of magnificent.

I just started a new Mastermind group this past month and we had our first meeting last Saturday via Video Skype (isn’t technology grand!).  I love this current group!  All of us have a specialty the others need.  All of us are sharing our all with the rest. All of us are benefiting after just the first meeting.

One of the guys in the group, Michael Houser, made an off hand remark about the newspaper that he had just read or maybe it was that he had just received it. Either way, it doesn’t matter.

It was that one simple comment that struck a cord with me.  If you’ve been on my Headline Webinar where I show off headlines that work and those that don’t, you know that I have subscriptions to magazines mostly so I can read the ads.  I like to see what is working and what isn’t.

I realized after Michael’s comment that I had been meaning to get a subscription to the physical paper so I could see what was working with those advertisements.  So, in theme of moving with the speed of instruction, I ordered up a daily subscription to the OC Register.

It was supposed to start on Wednesday and in the last 3 days I only received 1 paper… I guess I can see why all these newspapers are going out of business!

Anyway, I called up the paper to complain and within the hour I had today’s edition.

Best move I made!

With scissors in hand, I went to work cutting out the best advertisements.  WOW where there some good ones!

Of course most of ads were the same old crap I’ve been telling people to avoid, but there were a couple of diamonds in there!

Over the course of the next week, I’ll share some of these ads with you and discuss why they worked, one that needs to be moved to a different medium, and one that could be the best ad I’ve seen in a long LONG time! (Stuart Spencer should pay attention to this ad because it is right inline with his industry).

Let me share just one ad below:

This ad has a great two word headline.  “Loose Dentures?” That headline will cause the right demographic to zero in on the ad (a demographic that still reads the paper I might add – great medium choice for this advertisement.) For those that have gone through my headline webinar, this is a great self interest headline.

It immediately moves into the “pain” experienced by people who are attracted by the headline. “Tired of the ‘Plastic Palate’?

Notice the bullet points.  Most people who write bullets in their ads write features of their product or service.  Something most prospects are not interested in yet.  Not this ad.  They write benefit driven bullet points.

EAT THE FOODS YOU CRAVE! – This drives home the pain the prospect is currently experiencing.

The thing I would have liked changed on the testimonial is the use of Linda’s full name.  When you just use the first name, it looks less believable.

The call to action needs to be cleaned up a bit.  Do you want them to call for a consultation or the free report that is barely noticeable under the white box?

If it were me, I would have offered a free recorded message with compelling information on the product as the way to get them in the funnel.

All in all, great ad…

Oh, by the way, if you are interested in getting in a mastermind group yourself, drop me a line and I’ll give the 411 on what’s going on right now.